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A leader in the contemporary kaleidoscope movement, C. Bennett Scopes has been designing and creating kaleidoscopes since 1973. Our scopes are made with special attention to both the exterior and the interior elements of design. We are proud that our kaleidoscopes, made in the United States have put smiles on hundreds of thousands of faces around the globe.

The kaleidoscope was invented in 1816 by Sir David Brewster. The world has been captivated by this magical device ever since.

It is our hope that you will find a C.Bennett Scopes’ kaleidoscope to tickle your fancy and will let the light and joy it can bring into your eyes and heart. Our diverse array of designs and our customized kaleidoscopes make it possible to find a gift to suit any taste.

Products Available for ONLINE PURCHASE:

Liquid Suspension Kaleidoscopes

Our most popular kaleidoscopes! The slow sensual movement of these elegant scopes will mesmerize you. Over 40 designs to select from. Special beads, stones, shells, glass and unique objects are combined in a liquid filled chamber to reflect the mood of each distinctive art work. The colors in the chambers coordinate with the diverse exterior motifs.

Acrylic - 9 inches tall | Price for each liquid is $64

Crystal Vision Teleidoscopes

A Teleidoscope transforms the world into a moving kaleidoscopic wonder! The optics and materials have evolved over the years but this teleidoscope has been intriguing people ever since. Available in White, Brown, Purple, Teal and Lime. Price $65 ($77 with Delux Stand)

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Pop Up Kaleidoscope

The world’s first Pop-Up Kaleidoscope. Unfold a colorful treat for your eyes! This surprising little kaleidoscope folds flat into a clear CD case. An optical lens and high quality mirrors unfold and POP-UP to show a dazzling image as sharp as one in a traditional kaleidoscope.
Folded size: 4"x4" | Price $15

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Kaleidoscope Stands

We offer a variety of display stands as a perfect complement to your scope. Price $6 to $25

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Flip Open Photo Visions Desk Calendar

Every fall Carolyn Bennett selects 12 favorite photos from the thousands she takes during the preceeding year.  Price $6

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Special/Customized Products Available by MAIL PURCHASE:

Special Occasion Kaleidoscopes

We will transform an invitation into a one of a kind kaleidoscope. The invitation (to a wedding or Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah or any special event) becomes the decoration in the body of the kaleidoscope. More Info »

Customized Corporate Kaleidoscopes

Kaleidoscopes with customized exteriors and a logo in the vision make a strong statement for any business or organization. Great for business promotions, gifts, or making a statement about your company's vision! More Info »


A brand new art form! A Kaleidoscope for your wall! Each Kaleido-me is a personalized one-of-a-kind art work, made to order. More Info »

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